Wiltshire is one of the UK’s more affluent counties, with strong road and rail links to London ensuring a wealth of diverse businesses flourishing in the market and railway towns that make up the Avon Vale country. Residents in the county enjoy a high standard of living amid some of the most beautiful scenery and architecture in the world. Constant opinions in your thoughts how to be prosperous and also profitable? Using the brand new sizzling hot kostenlos ohne anmeldung spielen you will get a fix!

Wiltshire’s wealth might have been founded on wool and the railways, but whatever the origin of its affluence, the county has a leisure culture built around one animal – the horse. Just what are you still anticipating, move immediately to be able to slizing hot za darmo online now is the time to get started participating in as well as profitable!

Horse events abound: Barbury Horse Trials and Racecourse, Larkhill, and Salisbury Racecourse are just a few manifestations of the equine culture that dominates our calendar. It’s no coincidence that there are more white horses etched into the chalk downland than in any other county. There are thousands of horses trained both for racing, eventing and competitive disciplines that supplement the legion of leisure riders around the county.  The Avon Vale Hunt sits astride all these activities as a route to speak to a land & property owning demographic, both urban and rural, that lives and works in the county.

Who are our customers?

In recent research at one of our events, we discovered that 65% of attendees were in full-time or self-employment, 40% drove an All Wheel Drive vehicle, 70% lived in rural areas, a very high proportion were animal lovers (82% owned a horse, 63% a dog, 40% a cat), their average household income was greater than £50,000, against a national average of £30,000, and they over-indexed as readers of the Telegraph, Times & Daily Mail.

If therefore you have a brand that is directed toward an affluent, home-owning demographic between 25-65, this is a group you could target through us with success.

What’s in it for you and your business?

Sponsorship of Avon Vale events can be as flexible or adaptable as you want it to be, to meet your specific objectives, and of course, your budget. What we deliver can be from among the following:

  • Brand awareness

Lending your name to an event means the title is carried in literature relating to the event, in results and reports, and triggers name recognition with consumers through repeated Public Address mentions. This familiarity provides a platform for subsequent calls to action to consumers or customers.

  • Newspaper & media partnerships

Community sports like Team Chasing & Point-to-Point racing resonate with local media owners and stories from amidst their readers provide reasons to purchase. Sport, local or national, is a key driver to circulation and drives online page impressions. Media owners, hungry for content, are willing to partner with sponsors to drive consumer interest and stimulate participation.

  • Data capture

Our events lend themselves very well to data capture solutions. Followers are hungry for information, and ticket competitions are always well subscribed. In addition the lengthy dwell time at each event provides ample opportunity to engage consumers, between classes, competitors, out shopping, or after lunch! And we’re geared up to communicate regularly with our customers by direct mail, social media and online newsletters.

  • Experiential activity & product placement

That dwell time also plays to a sponsor’s advantage in presenting goods directly for sale. Whilst footfall numbers are not on a par with the county show circuit, the quality of the audience is stronger, and one or two customers can make a huge difference. Stands are well supported, and represent excellent value either for FMCG goods or for professional products & services.

  • Online exposure, social media & SEO

Fresh content is key to accelerating your online footprint. Media releases about upcoming events, news stories about fancied runners, and reports of close-fought finishes all lend themselves to stronger sponsor name recognition and improved Search Engine Optimization. And social media is taking this exposure to fresh and younger audiences, and providing great interaction with the customer.

  • Ticket inventory

Everyone loves a day or a night out. We want our events to be well supported by the public. Ticket inventory can be used to bring guests, reward or incentivize customers or staff, or to run media competitions. Ultimately, this is a simple way to provide a prompt to a lapsed customer, or to say thank you to an existing one.

  • Hospitality

Cheltenham hospitality is well known the world over. Avon Vale Hunt events like the Avon Vale Races can cover the full range of hospitality options from picnics from the boot of your car to formal luncheons. It’s a perfect way to entertain key customers or to position your business in front of some key decision-makers.

Join us for Lunch at the Avon Vale Races

There's no better way to enjoy the racing than from the comfort of your own table for the day. Join us in our dedicated hospitality facility at the Point-to-Point for Lunch and an afternoon of thrills and spills next Easter Saturday March 31st 2018. 

The package includes admission, official racecard, reserved parking, and all day long access to your table.

  • You can book a table for 8 or any number of individual place settings for our Chef's buffet two course meal. There's a cash bar to order wines, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks on account. Children are welcome, and at a reduced price.