Safety Precautions When Riding a Horse

Riding Horse Safely

The horse is a very strong animal, the average weight is 500 kg. But by its nature, it is a shy animal that, through negligence, can cause serious injury to a person. To avoid this, strictly follow the safety rules:

General safety requirements:

  • Strictly follow all the instructions and commands of the instructor;
  • Treat the horse always calmly and kindly, do not shout at it;
  • Never approach a horse from behind, being afraid, the horse may kick with its hind legs;
  • Do not crawl under the horse’s belly or under the head (in the first case, it can kick with its hind leg, in the second – bite);
  • Never run up to a horse, approach it calmly, and only from the side in which it looks;
  • Do not run around the stable, or past tied horses, do not shout or frighten the horses;
  • Do not go to the horse in the stall without permission;
  • If the horse is standing with its back to you and does not want to turn, in no case do not try to approach it on your own;
  • Do not approach the horse with unfamiliar objects in your hands (umbrella, children’s sled, scooters, strollers, balls, etc. – this can greatly frighten the horse);
  • If you want to pet or treat a horse, be sure to ask permission from the stable workers;
  • Treat the horse only on the open palm;
  • When riding a horse, do not take keys and sharp objects with you in your pockets; if they fall from the horse, they can injure you;
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke while sitting on a horse;
  • While riding a horse, you can not eat sweets, lollipops, etc., chewing gum is strictly prohibited.
  • If you have poor eyesight and cannot do without glasses, try to get glasses that will not cause injury if you fall (ask for glasses with flexible frames in optics stores), or use contact lenses;
  • Never wind the reins around your hand. If the horse wants to run away from you, you will not hold it, no matter how hard you try, it is better to let it go. And if the occasion is wound around your hand, then you will find yourself tightly tied to a strong animal that runs much faster than you.
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