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Hunting with Horses and Dogs

The horse has always been not a simple vehicle for a person, but an excellent assistant in hunting, when transporting the necessary equipment, during agricultural work. Today, few people dare to keep these animals even in a private house, so the rental of horses is gaining momentum.

It is very convenient to hunt on horseback. A riding horse can be of great use in hunting with huskies and hounds, provided that the hunt is carried out in fairly clean or island forests that alternate with clearings. In such conditions, it is easier for a hunter on horseback to intercept prey than on foot.

A Hunting Horse is a Great Helper

Girl Hunting with a Horse

You can even shoot while sitting on horseback, but shooting from a horse is a little more difficult, so if you are not yet an ace in this matter, it is still best to go down to the ground when shooting. In the steppe territories, both on the black trail and on the snow (in particular), horses are used for hunting to drive wolves and foxes.

To make a shot from a horse, it is best to do it as follows: pass the reins to the right hand, and take the gun near the bracket with the left, raise it and put it on the shoulder, then raise the right hand to the trigger and shoot. In no case should you let go of the reins from your right hand, but you should keep them as loose as possible. A hunting horse must have strong legs and a strong back, it must feel the reins perfectly, so that even with a very fast gallop, at the command of the rider, it will instantly turn around and stop. A hard-nosed horse is completely unsuitable for hunting. Also, the horse should not be afraid of the shots, during them, the horse should behave very calmly.

A horse for hunting should be frisky, but not hot. On a high horse, the hunter will be uncomfortable, but not even too high, it should perfectly take barriers, jumping over fallen trees, low hedges and ditches.

In winter, it is often very convenient to trail hares on a horse, and when hunting black grouse from the entrance, go hunting in small sleds pulled by one horse.

If you want new sensations, try them by going hunting on horseback!

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